Proclaimer Series

Our Proclaimer Series pulpits and pulpit furniture is among our most popular lines of church furniture products. With a contemporary design and acrylic center accent piece as well as finishes in our large selection of stain and two tone options, the Proclaimer Series pulpits are a great choice for any church stage. Custom logos and smoked acrylic are also available upgrades to all of our Proclaimer Series church furniture pieces.

Our Traditional Series pulpits feature a large range of sizes and styles to meet your church's specific staging needs. From our compact 402 Chapel Pulpit created for small stage areas to our large eight column 1250 Potter's House pulpit that exudes beauty and authority; from our acrylic accent pieces to walk-in styles and elaborate wood trim work, you are sure to find the perfect pulpit for your church home.

830 Pulpit


222 Elim Pulpit



Redeemer Pulpit



400 Pulpit


822 Pulpit



810 Pulpit


900 Pulpit



200 Pulpit


210 Pulpit


Our Exhorter Series is a line of church pulpits and church furniture that has a modern design aspect and accent acrylic pieces. The extra wide hardwood framing of the Exhorter pulpits create a strong visual presence and the center acrylic accent piece can be upgraded to a smoked finish and can feature a custom design logo.

Acrylic pulpits continue to gain popularity among churches because of their contemporary look and their versatility. Whether standing alone or surrounded with decorative arrangements, acrylic pulpits serve to fulfill nearly any church stage styling needs. We carry a variety of styles and sizes in acrylic pulpits, most of which ship fully assembled.

Craftsman handcrafting a pulpit in our woodshop

About our Wood Pulpits...

Wood pulpits are the most popular choice in church furniture. The central focal point of most sanctuaries, conference rooms and places of worship, a wood pulpit or lectern is both functional and beautiful. We offer a wide variety of styles, finishes, and customizable options to ensure that you find the perfect wood pulpit for your church.

All of our wood pulpits and wood church furniture is handcrafted here at our facility in Rocky Mount, Virginia using all hardwood in their construction. Whether you are looking for the traditional styling of our 400 and 900 series or the contemporary look of our Proclaimer and Exhorter series, all of our wood pulpits and church furniture are built with integrity and with quality in mind.

About our Acrylic Pulpits...

Acrylic Pulpits are highly sought after as church furniture because of their contemporary look, outstanding durability, and adaptability to sanctuary color and design changes. What is acrylic? Acrylic is a form of plastic similar to plexiglass in performance and similar to glass in appearance.

Acrylic pulpits are favored to glass because they are much lighter in weight and much less likely to shatter if they experience impact. We offer a variety of acrylic pulpit styles with modern designs and many with upgrade options such as custom logos, additional shelving, and wood and metal accent pieces.

Smoked acrylic pulpit

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