Church Pews

About Our Church Pew Seating

For nearly as long as church buildings have been in existence, pews have been a standard in comfortably seating congregations. From a grouping of simple wooden benches to elaborate, multi-tiered seating configurations, church pews are an elegant and efficient way to seat large numbers of individuals.

We offer a variety of pew options including our benchmark standard pew and pew end series, custom pew design, pew reupholstery and rejuvenation services and the economical option of delivering pew components for personal church assembly. We use only the highest quality woods, fabrics and construction materials to create beautiful pews built to stand the tests of time.

Wood and Construction

We use only the best quality woods and components in our church pews. While many pew builders use particle board in their core construction, we use quality plywood within the pews to ensure strength and stability. Our pew ends and decorative trim work are comprised of top quality oak and hardwoods to provide beauty and durability. We also have access to an expanded variety of wood species for churches who desire custom pews and pew construction to match existing pews. We also offer a wide variety of standard stain finishes to beautifully display the wood and accent the chosen fabric. Custom wood colors and stains are also available if the desired finish is outside of our standard stain offerings.

Pew Fabric Options

Our standard line of pew options features polyolefin fabric. Many fabrics will not hold up to the amount of use and traffic of a typical church congregation, and a church will find themselves replacing their pew coverings far sooner than they had anticipated. What is the solution? Pews covered with polyolefin fabric. All of our church chairs and church seating utilize polyolefin fabric for a variety of reasons. Polyolefin fabric is strong, stain and puncture resistant and tested for durability. Our standard fabric options come with a 10 year limited warranty.

Polyolefin was developed in 1961 and originally used for outdoor equipment such as backpacks and mountain climbing clothing. “Polyolefin fibers are those fibers produced from polymers formed by chain growth polymerization of olefins (alkenes) and which contain greater than 85% polymerized ethylene, propylene, or other olefin units. The fibers are unaffected by solvents at room temperature and are swollen by aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons only at elevated temperatures,” (See more) The fabric is resistant to color fading because the color is grafted in during the fiber forming stage rather than dyed afterwards. Its composition is closer in properties to a plastic than the typical fabric which makes it lightweight, stain resistant, fast drying, and resistant to things like mildew and chemicals.

Polyolefin, despite all of these features, is also a comfortable fabric. Stretched over quality foam, this fabric still provides a comfortable seating experience and promises, combined with quality wood and construction, a pew that will hold up against your varied church traffic.

For our custom pews we have access to a nearly unlimited variety of other fabrics, fabric colors and fabric patterns.

Pew End Standard Design Options

Assemble On Site Pews

As an economical alternative to professionally installed pews we offer the option of purchasing pew kits that can be assembled within the church. We use the same quality woods and pew components as our standard and custom pew lines, but ship them to your church in a deconstructed package which you can then assemble yourself. Assembly of these pews is a relatively simple process and we provide video instruction on how to put the pieces together. This has become a valuable option for many churches and continues to grow in popularity.

Example of Installed Pews
Pew Reupholstery Services

Pew Reupholstery & Rejuvenation Services

In addition to new pews we also offer pew reupholstery and rejuvenation services for existing pews. Our reupholstery services can include adding padding and upholstery to wooden pews, re-padding existing worn cushions, and adding or replacing pew fabric. We can also provide new addition or replacement bookracks, pew brackets and other replacement parts. We offer a 10 year limited warranty on our standard fabric options.
Our pew rejuvenation service combines a series of wood treatments and methods to your pews to help restore the original tint and luster of the wood. If your church pews are in good structural shape but are suffering from a worn or faded finish, this process is an excellent alternative to purchasing new replacement pews.

Pew Bookracks & Accessories

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