Portable Baptistries

Portable Baptistry Model C

Our Model C portable baptistry shares the same base design as our Model B portable baptistries but with an extended length. The Model C baptistry measures seven foot, three inches long, thirty four and three eights inches wide and thirty six inches tall. The baptistry has a one hundred and twenty five gallon water capacity and comfortably holds one adult with a minister standing outside of the baptistry. The Model C portable baptistry can be upgraded to include a cabinet surround with lid, matching non-slip steps, heavy-duty wheel kit and accent accessories.

Note: Baptistry requires a 35" wide door opening.

Made in the USA


  • $1,379.00 (No Cabinet)

  • $1,879.00 (Unfinished Wood Cabinet with: Steps, Matching Top, Decorative Cross)

  • $2,579.00 (Unfinished Wood Cabinet with: Steps, Matching Top, Decorative Cross, Heavy-Duty Wheel Kit, #10 Baptistry Heater)


Baptistry Cabinet Stain/Finish (+$279)
AquaSeal Protective Coating (+$279)
Heavy-Duty Wheel Kit (+$349)
Unstained Baptistry Steps (+$259)
Wood Communion Plaque (+$149)
Baptistry Insulated Cover (Custom Pricing)
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7'3"L x 32”W x 38 1/4”T (Without Cabinet)
7'6”L x 34 3/8”W x 38 1/4”T (With Cabinet)

Additional Information

For optimal heating, a baptistry cover is strongly recommended during the heating process. We offer custom sized, insultated spa-style baptistry covers. Learn more by clicking here

  • Our basic Portable Baptistry models include a wood exterior 2×4 frame, or you can choose to add our wood cabinet (for painting or staining) to turn your tub into a functional piece of church furniture when not in use. Make it a combo with a portable heater and wheel kit for easy mobility.
  • There is an access door in the rear of the portable baptistry cabinet surround that allows you to gain access to the drain location. Simply connect it to any standard sized garden hose and turn the valve on. This will prevent you from having to install a permanent solution as this is a portable tub. The ¼” fiberglass tub itself features a step for the individual to step down and sit into place. Each portable baptistry is made in the USA and reinforced with 2 x 4 supports for added support.

A 10 year limited warranty is offered against structural defects by the manufacturer of the fiberglass baptistries and a 1 year limited warranty on the interior surfaces of the baptistry. A 5 year limited warranty is offered on wood cabinet and wood accessories.

  • Exclusions:
  • This warranty does not cover shipping damage, abuse, acts of nature, fire, flood, misuse, criminal acts, fading, scratches, excessive exposure to sunlight, or furniture that has been cleaned with harsh chemicals.

  • Claims:
  • This warranty has no monetary value and is good only for the repair and or replacement of wood furniture or parts with the same or similar designs as determined by the seller. The buyer will provide volunteer labor and Church Furniture Store will supply any parts needed.

Shipping prices vary depending on destination and portable baptistry options/accessories. A $150 crating fee is required on portable baptistries. A member of our Church Furniture Consultation team will give specific shipping information for your baptistry order.

Upgrade Information

Our Portable Baptistry wood cabinets, wood steps and wood accessories are handcrafted at our Rocky Mount, Virginia facility. Standard cabinet options include an unstained cabinet surround, a matching wood top cover and matching step unit. The matching 3 step unit features anti-slip tape strips and is designed to sit on the ground at the end of the portable baptistry. A decorative wood cross is also included with the cabinet options which can be mounted to the front or laid on top of the cabinet (wood cross and step unit are both shipped unattached for flexibility of placement and easier portability). All wood components can be stained at an additional cost.

We offer an AquaSeal Protective Coating for churches that wish to leave water in their baptistries for long periods of time. While we recommend draining your baptistry tub after every use, we recognize that this will not always be practical for some churches. AquaSeal ensures a strong, water-proof seal for up to three months before changing. Including an AquaSeal coating is an additional 25% of the baptistry cost.

Our Heavy Duty Wheel Kits are specificially designed for our portable baptistries. The portable baptistry rests inside a steel frame which has four heavy-duty caster wheels beneath. This kit is designed to make portable baptistry mobility safe and simple. Wheels feature convenient and easy to use locking system to keep baptistry in place while in use.

Matching wood portable baptistry steps can be ordered along with the portable baptistry cabinet surround. The heavy-duty steps feature a three step design with slip resistant grip-tape on each step. Additional steps can be added at an additional cost.

Portable Baptistries with our wood cabinets are often used as a communion table also. Because of this, we offer a matching wood plaque with the inscription, "THIS DO IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME." This plaque can be mounted on the front of the portable baptistry cabinet. Note: Communion plaque is shipped unattached. Church is responsible for attachment of plaque.

Baptistry covers offer great protection from children entering the baptistry and they also help keep the tub water warm while using your ChurchRite® circulation heater. Over the decades many churches have asked us about offering a cover for their fiberglass, steel or concrete baptistry and were happy to announce that we now offer them through our baptistry manufacturer, ChurchRite®. The company has designed and developed a cover that is similar to the ones uses in the spa and hot tub industry although these models fit your tubs size specifications. Baptisteries are normally heated before use. These covers sit on the edge or ledge of your fiberglass or steel tub. We can do cutouts for spigots if needed.

Water comes from the ground at 54 degrees F and is too cold to enter. Hypothermia will set in within a few moments if one is not careful. The use of a good heater will enable the water temperature to get to 94 or 95 degrees where it will be quite comfy (remember your body temperature is 98-99 degrees). Since there is usually not a top on the baptistry, however, the heater will tend to run continually causing your electric meter to run on and on. It also will shorten the lifespan of heaters if they run continuously. In addition the moisture produced can be harmful to your instruments or furniture.

We offer baptistry covers made to the same quality and specifications as spa covers. Designed for long term use, these covers can be “locked down” with the straps to help prevent kids from falling in, and will keep excess moisture from entering the sanctuary area, piano, furniture and other wood items that don’t need saturation. Custom made to fit your baptistry.

For optimal heating, a baptistry cover is strongly recommended during the heating process. We offer custom sized, insultated spa-style baptistry covers. Learn more by clicking here

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