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Immersion Heater

The ChurchRite Immersion Heater is both economical and simple to use. No plumbing or installation required, this baptistry heater is portable and is designed to be mounted over the side of the baptistry with included stainless steel mounting brackets. A 60″ power cord is included as well as a built in thermostat. When desired water temperature is reached, simply remove the heater and store during baptismal services.

A 120 volt model is available for smaller baptistries and a 240 volt model is available for larger baptistries, or multiple small models can be used. We offer models with a built in GFCI and without, though the heater must be plugged into a GFCI outlet is the model is chosen without the built in feature. All models come with a one year, limited manufacturer’s warranty. The ChurchRite Immersion Heater must be in water when in use to avoid “dry burn” which incapacitates the unit and is not covered under the warranty.


  • $389.00 (120V Heater NO GFCI)
  • $409.00 (120V Heater with Built-in GFCI)
  • $389.00 (240V Heater NO GFCI)
  • $409.00 (240V Heater with Built-in GFCI)


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42”L x 17 ½ “W x 60” Cord Length

Additional Information

For optimal heating, a baptistry cover is strongly recommended during the heating process. We offer custom sized, insultated spa-style baptistry covers. Learn more by clicking here

Below are instructions, safety information and features of the Immersion Baptistry Water Heater

Design Features

  • Immersion section of heater is made of 316 stainless steel
  • All heat is confine to the formed horizontal section for optimum efficiency
  • Cold riser extends to the top of container where control housing is located
  • 3-Conductor cord set with polarized plug (cord length is 60”)
  • Adjustable vapor-proof thermostat control with range from 55 degrees to 115 degrees (F) (+/-3 degrees)
  • High-limit cut off switch set 125 degrees (F) (+/-4 degrees)
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket included for easy mounting
  • Must be used in a minimum of 24” of water
  • Pilot light and on-off switch provided

Baptistry Heat-Up Times

  • 120V Model: will heat 25 gallons per hour (30 degree F temperature rise). A 200 gallon baptistry can be heated in 5 to 8 hours or one-half this time with a 15 degree (F) temperature rise.
  • 240V Model: will heat a 90 gallons per hour (30 degree F temperature rise). On average the 240V heater can heat a 750 to 1,000 gallon baptistry in 9 to 11 hours or one-half this time with a 15 degree (F) temperature rise. The IM240V heater can operate on 120 volts, however, the power will be reduced.

For optimal heating, a baptistry cover is strongly recommended during the heating process. We offer custom sized, insultated spa-style baptistry covers. Learn more by clicking here

Installation and Operating Instructions

WARNING: Never turn on heater unless baptistry is full of water.

  • Fill baptistry with water to required level. The water level must be at least 12” below the control box. The control box should NEVER be immersed in water. Also, the lower 24” of the heater must be immersed in water when it is turned on or it will overheat and burn out, cause bodily harm or become a fire hazard. Burned out heaters are NOT covered by warranty.
  • Mount the heater into the baptistry, securing it using the brackets provided with the heater unit. The unit can be mounted in the middle, end or side of the baptistry. The heater must be securely mounted to prevent the electrical box from making contact with the water.
  • Plug the heater into the correct receptacle and set desired baptistry temperature on the thermostat dial. The signal light glows only when the heating element is energized. When the desired temperature is reached the signal light will be off.
  • CAUTION: Prior to the baptismal service the baptistry heater must be turned off, unplugged and removed from the baptistry. This will guarantee protection from the danger caused if an electrical short circuit were to occur in the heater electrical system.

Instruction for Removing the Heater from the Baptistry Water

Note: Remove the immersion heater before entering the baptistry.

  • Turn the thermostat off (shown as LO on dial).
  • Unplug the heater from the electrical source.
  • Wait at least 2 minutes before removing the heater from the baptistry, allowing the heating elements to cool.
  • After the removal of the heater you can then drain the baptistry. DO NOT DRAIN BEFORE REMOVAL.

Maintenance Schedule

  • Chemical Use: Overheating of the elements can happen due to minerals building up. To remove these minerals simply wipe the heating rods of the heater down with normal household white vinegar. This should be done every 90 days. The immersion heaters allow should never come into contact with any with any alkaline solutions such as Chlorine or Bromine.
  • Caution: Under NO circumstances should this heater be turned on unless the system is full of water. Without water the heater rod can burn out quickly and also damage the thermostat control. The warranty is void under these circumstances and we will assume no responsibility for damage to the heater, associated equipment or other damages.
  • Hi-Limit: If the thermostat should fail and its contacts stick in a closed position, the heating element will continue to heat the baptismal water to about 117 degree F (120V model) and 125 degrees F (240V model). At this temperature the Hi-Limit will open and turn the heating element off. After repairing or replacing the thermostat the Hi-Limit can be manually reset.
  • Important: Before using the heater the mounting bracket must be installed properly to ensure that the heater sits over the side of the baptistry correctly.

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ChurchRite Product Warranty

ChurchRite warrants to purchaser that products shall be free of defects in workmanship or materials for ONE (1) YEAR from the original purchase date; however, ChurchRite’s sole obligation under this warranty shall consist of repairing or replacing, free of charge (F.O.B. its factory), any product received prepaid at its factory within ONE (1) YEAR from the date of purchase and determined by ChurchRite upon inspection to be defective. The misuse, misapplication or failure to follow operational directions of any ChurchRite product, or the use of any heater without the presence of adequate water in the baptistry, will void the warranty.

No product shall be returned without the express written approval of ChurchRite.

No other warranty, express or implied, as to description, quality, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other matter is given by ChurchRite in connection herewith. The selection, application, suitability for corrosion resistance or use for any purpose, are purchaser’s sole responsibility. Under no circumstance shall ChurchRite be liable for loss of use, profits or any other direct or indirect costs, expenses, losses or damages arising out of defects in or failure of the product or any part thereof. Always remove all electrical components prior to touch the water.

Heater Return Information

Before returning a heater you must first obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA). Items returned without the proper authorization number may be refused upon delivery. Items returned to the factory will be evaluated and tested.

  • Defective Items
  • If the cause is due to a manufacturer’s defect, the item will repaired or replaced.

  • Non-Defective items:
  • in the event the tests prove that the cause is not due to a manufacturer’s defect then charges will be incurred, such as the evaluation fee ($150) and return shipping ($25). If the item is repairable, you can choose to have it repaired and the evaluation fee will be waived, then you will only pay for repairs and return shipping.

    The returns process can take approximately 2 – 3 weeks. Items which have been improperly wired, modified or operated without water are not considered defective and are not covered under warranty. If you need an immediate replacement please contact us to order a new heater.

    If your original heater is found to be defective and can be repaired, no credit will be given for the new heater. A credit will only be given if the heater cannot be repaired by the factory. Note: If you have a heater with a GFCI (ground fault circuit breaker) please follow the reset instructions below.

GFCI Model Instructions

Instructions for plug-in models with GFCI built in

  • Plug unit into the power receptacle
  • Press the reset button on the GFCI, then press the reset button on the heater (visual indicator appears)
  • Press the Test Button (visual indicator disappears)
  • Press the Reset button again for use and turn the thermostat up

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