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Deluxe Circulation Heater

The ChurchRite® Deluxe Circulation Heater features a stainless steel housing (rust free), 240V design (120V for line 1 and 120V for line 2), and has a 1/2 horsepower, 120V pump motor and a thermostat control. It is available in both a 5.5 KW model and an 11 KW model. The 5.5 KW model will heat an average 500 gallon baptistry in approximately 6 hours by 30 degrees (f) while the 11 KW will heat the same sized baptistry by 36 degrees (f) in approximately 4 hours. It can be installed up to 12 feet away from the baptistry and it also includes a heating indicator light, air button on/off switch, and a receptacle for the optional auto fill drain unit. Light assembly is required.


  • $649.00 (5.5kw Model)
  • $759.00 (5.5kw Titanium Model with Timer)
  • $769.00 (11.5kw Model)
  • $849.00 (11.5kw Titanium Model with Timer)

Option Kits

  • Option A: Optional Fill Kit for CR Heaters. Includes water level assembly, water fill assembly, control accessory interface, air button and tubing, etc.
    $399.00 (Model 48-0140)
  • Option B: Optional Drain Kit for CR Heaters. Includes drain valve actuator/motor, two-way valve assembly and Overflow/Drain (X2) Wall fittings to automatically drain the baptistry. Drain kit requires the fill kit to operate correctly.
    $399.00 (Model 48-0141)
  • Option C: Optional Bapside Remote Control System. Our Bapside control includes a 25′ power cord and 25′ temp sensor allowing the baptistry to be conveniently operated remotely. The kit includes 3 air buttons and digital temperature control display. The remote plugs directly into the ChurchRite Deluxe heater system.
    $339.00 (Model 34-0038D25)


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27”L x 15”W x 13”T (5.5kw Model)
29”L x 15”W x 13”T (11.5kw Model)

Online purchase for heater only. To add an Option Kit to your order please contact us.

Additional Information

For optimal heating, a baptistry cover is strongly recommended during the heating process. We offer custom sized, insultated spa-style baptistry covers. Learn more by clicking here

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ChurchRite Product Warranty

ChurchRite warrants to purchaser that products shall be free of defects in workmanship or materials for ONE (1) YEAR from the original purchase date; however, ChurchRite’s sole obligation under this warranty shall consist of repairing or replacing, free of charge (F.O.B. its factory), any product received prepaid at its factory within ONE (1) YEAR from the date of purchase and determined by ChurchRite upon inspection to be defective. The misuse, misapplication or failure to follow operational directions of any ChurchRite product, or the use of any heater without the presence of adequate water in the baptistry, will void the warranty.

No product shall be returned without the express written approval of ChurchRite.

No other warranty, express or implied, as to description, quality, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other matter is given by ChurchRite in connection herewith. The selection, application, suitability for corrosion resistance or use for any purpose, are purchaser’s sole responsibility. Under no circumstance shall ChurchRite be liable for loss of use, profits or any other direct or indirect costs, expenses, losses or damages arising out of defects in or failure of the product or any part thereof. Always remove all electrical components prior to touch the water.

Heater Return Information

Before returning a heater you must first obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA). Items returned without the proper authorization number may be refused upon delivery. Items returned to the factory will be evaluated and tested.

  • Defective Items
  • If the cause is due to a manufacturer’s defect, the item will repaired or replaced.

  • Non-Defective items:
  • in the event the tests prove that the cause is not due to a manufacturer’s defect then charges will be incurred, such as the evaluation fee ($150) and return shipping ($25). If the item is repairable, you can choose to have it repaired and the evaluation fee will be waived, then you will only pay for repairs and return shipping.

    The returns process can take approximately 2 – 3 weeks. Items which have been improperly wired, modified or operated without water are not considered defective and are not covered under warranty. If you need an immediate replacement please contact us to order a new heater.

    If your original heater is found to be defective and can be repaired, no credit will be given for the new heater. A credit will only be given if the heater cannot be repaired by the factory. Note: If you have a heater with a GFCI (ground fault circuit breaker) please follow the reset instructions below.

GFCI Model Instructions

Instructions for plug-in models with GFCI built in

  • Plug unit into the power receptacle
  • Press the reset button on the GFCI, then press the reset button on the heater (visual indicator appears)
  • Press the Test Button (visual indicator disappears)
  • Press the Reset button again for use and turn the thermostat up

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