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About Church Furniture Store

Church Furniture Store offers quality furniture at the best prices in the nation using a combination of old fashioned handcrafting and modern woodworking equipment to provide churches with quality, cost-efficient products. Since its beginning in 1991, Church Furniture Store has served over 20,000 congregations across the USA and in 25+ foreign countries.

Located at 685 Tripple Creek Road in Rocky Mount, Virginia, Church Furniture Store continues to grow as a business and has become a global leader in the church furniture industry. We carry a vast array of items including pews, church chairs, pulpits, communion tables, carpeting, stained glass, permanent and portable baptistries, baptistry heaters and other worship necessities. Our goal is to provide churches with the best church products and customer service in the industry.

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Our goal at Church Furniture Store is to offer churches quality crafted church furniture and church products at affordable pricing. For over twenty years our slogan has been, "Helping Churches Grow." For us, this is not just a slogan but a mission. We believe in the worldwide impact of churches, the people that create the church and in their plans and aspirations for reaching the world with the Good News of the love of God.

It is our desire to provide these churches with resources within their church building to accomplish that mission. From comfortable, durable church seating in the form of church chairs and pews to handcrafted pulpit furniture and baptistries with baptistry heaters for safe and effective baptismal services; we have your church building needs covered.

Sam and Jodi Rakes, Church Furniture Store owners

Church Furniture Store was founded by Reverend Scott Gabrielson of Gabriel Church Services in 1991. He ran the company for 23 years before retiring and passing on its legacy to new owners.

Today, Church Furniture Store is headed by Rakes Group, Inc. Sam Rakes (President) is an ordained minister, and his wife, Jodi (Vice President) is a graduate of Blue Ridge Bible College. Sam and Jodi reside in Rocky Mount, Virginia with their son.

Church Furniture Store continues to provide exceptional customer service. By maintaining control over the manufacturing process from acquisition of raw materials to building and delivery, we are able to keep their prices lower than those of their competitors while providing high quality products.

Our vision is to continue growing and improving our services, products and distribution techniques to better resource churches in their church furniture and church product needs. We also desire in this growth to continue offering an increased number of jobs to boost the economy in our local area and to offer a Christian, Kingdom mentality work place that allows for the professional growth and development of our Church Furniture Store work team. Our vision is to continually expand our borders to encompass new ideas, additional products and innovative solutions in church furniture to help churches grow and accomplish their own goals and visions for, ultimately, the growth of the Kingdom.


Helping churches grow is not just our slogan, it's what we care about. It's our goal to offer outstanding church furniture and church products with the best possible customer service and customer experience. We love hearing from churches and customers and seeing the impact our products can make.

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