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Small Church Steeples

Our line of small church steeples is perfect for the small church. Our steeples are made by our fiberglass plant and we build them from ½” thick fiberglass resin. These models range from 14’ tall to 24’ tall and come in a variety of styles which will match your churches décor. Additionally we offer several steeple options that our sales staff can gladly go over which includes base styles, louvers, spires, gables, octagonal bases, cupolas and Krinkglas windows on select models.

How to order a small fiberglass steeple

When placing your order, you will need to provide the type of roof your facility has (shingle, metal, etc), the pitch of the roof, the height of the building from the ground to the peak in front, and if there are any obstructions to  getting to the roof area. We will also need to know if there is access to the attic area of the facility.   

Determining your roof pitch

We will need to know the pitch of your roof, which can easily be determined with a level and tape measure. If the installation will be completed by our technicians, the roof pitch can be determined by a simple picture or drawing.

Questions?  Check our FAQS or call us - 540-484-4913