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The Church Furniture Store is pleased to offer new church pews from two manufacturers: Blue Ridge Church Furniture in the Eastern US and from Born Again Pews in the Western and some Northern areas.  Blue Ridge Church Furniture (BRCF) manufactures solid oak pews (choose from popular designs and sizes) for fast delivery to customers in the eastern and southern USA.  Born Again Pews builds custom furniture for churches, manufactured to your specifications of pew end style, fabric and finish, with full service.



download-a-brochure.pngBlue Ridge Church Furniture (BRCF) takes a different approach in order to assist those churches who need their new furniture faster and with better pricing. Each piece of solid red oak and oak plywood is first selected for its properties of stability, character and beauty. No particleboard is used in our furniture.

Celebration Style Pews – Normally In stock for Quick Delivery


BRCF offers the Celebration Pew, with a smaller selection of pew ends and pew body styles.  Celebration Pews are designed for fast delivery and to save the church money. Celebration pews are available only as padded pews in the medium oak finish and in a few fabric choices,  but with a 6 -8 week delivery time.  In addition, installation can be done by BRCF crews or it can be a Do It Yourself (DIY) project to save an additional 5% (approximately).   Choose from Cantilever style end (#2000) or traditional floor style end (#4000).

Our “Celebration” style pew starts at a very low rate (contact us for pricing with stock colors). Delivery and installation is available for an additional charge.

Our Full Pew line offers a greater choice in fabric colors, wood finishes, and pew end selections.  Choose from standard light oak, medium oak and dark oak finishes or two tone white ends.  Select your fabric from Grade A fabric selections (hundreds to choose from).  A number of optional pew ends are available for your consideration.   Chapel pews are available in 8-10 weeks. church-pew-model-4000.jpg



Our upholstered pew comes with the fabric of your choice. The very comfortable cushioned pew back, combined with a true lumbar support, and the contoured seat provide s you with the ultimate comfort. The cushion on the pew back is a full two inches thick. The contoured, "comfort foam" seat cushion is four inches thick. This makes for a very comfortable pew. 4000-20end-small.jpg

Our unique modular designed construction allows you to easily replace padded sections with replacement cushions or change the entire color scheme yourself easily.  This can potentially provide a savings of many thousands of dollars down the road when it comes time to replace cushions.

Fabrics range from commercial, stain resistant olefin to custom designed polyester materials. We can offer custom colors and designs if requested, to match your chairs, pulpit furniture and carpeting if you so desire.

Each end is built with a process where the grains of the wood are offset when the panels are glued together, making a seamless visual appearance. It also helps prevent splitting that sometimes occurs when using butcher-block style construction methods. A wide variety of fabrics and finishes are available, as well as a variety of pew end selections.

As for finishing the pews, we have a large selection of stains and finishes to choose from. Each pew is covered with two coats of stain and two coats of satin lacquer to help seal the wood to prevent moisture from entering the wood, and provide a long lasting, durable finish.

Contact us about financing your church pews today by calling us toll free at 1-800-639-7397.




Born Again Pews (BAP) are crafted from solid oak wood in the foothills of eastern Oklahoma.  They are built using old fashioned hand crafting, in the design of your choice, with your favorite fabric and accessories.  Pews from Born Again Pews (BAP) are available in 12-14 weeks from your order date. Delivery and installation are included.


church-pew-style-900.jpgEach pew is designed for comfort with padded seats and backs, and is hand crafted by the team of qualified woodworkers and installers.   When it comes to installation, no sub-contractors are used. Our friendly and professional staff travels across the USA to install your new pews. We rotate our staff week in and week out so oftentimes the person that helped build your pew will also install it in your church facility. Bookracks and accessories are included as requested by the church.


BAP pews come with a limited lifetime warranty and are designed to last the church a lifetime. For more information on pew warranties please contact your sale consultant. BAP pews are affordably priced with a 10 foot pew starting at $525 (plus delivery).  Financing is available.





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