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Baptistry Heaters

download-a-brochure.pngSince 2005, Church Furniture Store has been the industry leader in baptistry heaters and a full line of accessories. Safety is the number one concern with church baptistry heaters today and we have chosen ChurchRite® as our provider. They take a safety first approach to heating water safely and their products work with older, outdated systems. We offer a line of portable circulation heaters called the Poolside Heater, our UL Listed (E22869) Immersion heater with built in GFCI and our permanent circulation systems in both a basic and now a deluxe model. ChurchRite® Baptistry Heaters

Church baptistry heaters from ChurchRite® use Incoloy steel, metal that it stain resistant and helps prevent rust forming in your baptistry. Each heater we carry comes with value added safety features like GFCI built-in the units, temperature control and limitation to prevent excessive water burning. Additionally, our heater line is UL listed, meaning it will safely operate in your church facility. We also carry various heater wattage models, as each baptistry size is different, our sales representative will be able to help you determine what size and type heater works best for you. To find how much water your church baptistry holds we have a link that can help determine that. We no longer offer Little Giant produts due to ongoing issues.

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